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We'll bend over backwards

but there are some things we simply won't do:)

What we won’t do probably says more about us than the things we do.

We won’t pretend we know how to do something when we aren’t sure that we can.

We won’t go to ground if you’re unhappy. We’ll answer your calls, show you the respect you deserve and do everything practical to put a smile back on your face. If you have issues, please talk to us. Generally, this is simply a result of misunderstanding. We listen. We talk. We do what we can to make you happy.
We won’tunderestimate and milk you for more during the project. It’s not our style… and it just isn’t right. If you change your mind, we’ll talk about any extra cost. You’ll always know where you stand with us.

We won’t just get the job done, then wash our hands and move on. It has to be done right and we stay involved until you’re happy that we delivered what we promised.


We won’t go to ground when something doesn’t go to plan. We listen and we talk. If you have concerns, call us…please. We’ll answer your call… and treat you with understanding and respect. We’re here to make you happy, not just get the job finished.


We won’tsurprise you with our charges, we’ll tell you what you’re up for before we start… and we’ll let you know if we encounter something unexpected, before it costs you money.

If you’re confused or need information, we haven’t done our job well enough. We’re here to help… and we do that by doing things in such a way as to reduces the stress to you… and for us.


We won’tever make excuses. We will give reasons… we will take responsibility ... and

we will put things right if we’ve let you down in any way.


We won’t charge you to visit your site and discuss your project. We don’t start charging until we know what we’re doing and you know what you’ll be charged for.


We won’t employ ANYone who might let you (and us) down. We’re very careful who we choose to work with us. We have a reputation we’re proud of and we only employ people that help us enhance that reputation.


We won’t ever forget that we’re working for you. Everyone we work with knows that they’re really working for you… We pay them of course, but we pay them with your money and they’re all very aware of it.


What we can do is help... with solar and electrical advice… with solar installation… with any kind of electrical work… with air conditioning solutions… with keeping your stress levels at a comfortable low through any process you engage us to help with.


We’ve been doing this for more than a decade, and we plan to be around for a long time yet. That means getting the process right and standing by our promises… and we do.

ECL work vehicle on site at a new build

Join Our Team

You don't have to be a superstar.

A skilled operator with the right attitude will always be more valuable to us than a superstar no one wants to work with.

Apprentice Electrical need now.

If you've read just this page or our website, you'll have a pretty good idea of what kind of person we're after.

If you think you're a fit and you're ready to start or part way through an apprenticeship, give us a call or use the email form below to give us with a bit of your history and the reasons you'd like to work with us.

We'll teach you skills... and we'll teach you how to do the right thing by the people you work with... and the people you'll work. And when we say the people you work for, we don't mean us... you'll understand pretty quickly that you work for our clients... we just pay you with their money. If you do the right thing by them, we'll be very happy with you.

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