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We are here to help

ECL experience makes it easy.

ECL Energy only employs electricians that won't let you down.
Experience plus the right attitude = less stress for you.

Identifying the best electrical solutions for your home, client or business is difficult… for some… with many variables to consider… but it becomes a whole lot simpler and less stressful, when you put someone on the job that has accumulated thousands of hours understanding the theory AND the practicalities.


Attitude can make or break a project 

Skills and knowledge aren't enough. We only employ people with the right kind of attitude. We will not let you down. We couldn’t live with ourselves. Tasmania is a small place and we want to able to proudly look people in the eye.

We work with you to ensure that we’re all on the same page… all striving for the same outcome. Then we go about it in the most efficient, collaborative manner to ensure that you get what you expect at the end of the day.


Our  team of pros will assist with all your residential and commercial electrical requirements from replacing a single socket to rewiring a house, re-lighting a small office or commercial property.

You can be confident in ECL Energy because...

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We’re very careful who we choose to work for us.

Only well qualified professionals with an attitude that means every job gets done the way it should be.

You can teach people skills... attitude, now that's another story.

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Only reliable products from leading brands.

Brands that won’t let you… or us… down.

You don’t need the headache and neither do we.

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More than a decade of knowledge + experience.

Knowledge and experience mean the highest standards and the most efficient processes.

It also means savings. Time savings... and cost savings.
No stuff ups!

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Keeping everyone that visits our sites safe. 

We protect everyone's future with a safe site.

No mishaps means no delays.

And no one wants to get hurt!


We’ll never forget who we’re working for.

If you or your client need us, we WILL be available. It’s part of what makes ECL a better option.

Call us. Email us. We're working for you and we won't forget it.


From fitting a powerpoint to major projects.

ECL Energy specialises in the design and installation, maintenance, testing and commissioning of electrical systems for existing and new homes or businesses.


Our team of professionals will assist with all your residential and commercial electrical requirements from replacing a single socket to rewiring a house, re-lighting a small office or commercial property. ECL Energy

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Any kind of project

Commercial Projects

Residential Projects

New Build Installation

Building Maintenance

Shop Fit Outs


Big Homes

Small Homes

New Homes

Existing Homes

Housing Developments

Major Projects

New Sheds

Existing Sheds

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Any kind of job

Electrical Design for New Builds

Switch Board Installations

Switch Board Up-Grades

Fans & Ventilation Systems

Re-wires & Refurbishments

Security Lighting

Security Cameras

Air-Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning  Servicing

Solar Design

Solar Installation

Interior Lighting

Smoke Alarms

Garden Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Home Appliance Installation

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And there's more...


Data & TV

Meter Box Relocation

Safety Switches

Surge Arresters

Bathroom Heaters

Bathroom Fans and Light Units

Signage Lighting

3 Phase Outlets

General Electrical Work

We do it all. If there’s anything you need that we might have missed… call us anyway. We can probably help.

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