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Yes, ECL Energy provides Air Conditioning services too.

Ducted or Split System? We help you decide.

THE most important element when it comes to personal comfort is temperature control. 

But heating and cooling accounts for about 40% of the energy bill for the average Tasmanian home or small business… a lot more if you don’t get it right.

Installing the right system will raise your comfort levels and lower your energy bills, particularly if you team it with solar. ECL can help with both… or either. You choose… with our help.

We can help find the right system for you and your budget whether it’s Ducted to Split System reverse cycle air conditioning.


ECL Energy offers multiple supply & Install heating and cooling options for your home or business. From selecting the brand that suits your space and budget to installing your system our team is with you at every stage. Whether it’s a split system reverse cycle air conditioner or ducted system, our team will help you find the right heating and cooling solution for your home or business and budget.

We understand that choosing the right system for your needs is important and we will ensure we make your experience from start to finish as easy and stress free as possible. This is what we do to be sure.

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We’re very careful who we choose to work for us.

Only well qualified professionals with an attitude that means every job gets done the way it should be.

You can teach people skills... attitude, now that's another story.

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Only reliable products from leading brands.

Brands that won’t let you… or us… down.

You don’t need the headache and neither do we.

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More than a decade of knowledge + experience.

Knowledge and experience mean the highest standards and the most efficient processes.

It also means savings. Time savings... and cost savings.
No stuff ups!

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Keeping everyone that visits our sites safe. 

We protect everyone's future with a safe site.

No mishaps means no delays.

And no one wants to get hurt!


We’ll never forget who we’re working for.

If you or your client need us, we WILL be available. It’s part of what makes ECL a better option.

Call us. Email us. We're working for you and we won't forget it.


Perfectly comfortable in three easy steps.

It's not an easy thing to get right... but we've been doing it for more than a decade. We've seen the traps... we know how to avoid them. Better for you. Better for us.

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We help you choose the system that's right for you

We will help you determine the most energy efficient system possible for your space

ECL producing project quote
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We do a site inspection then we do the numbers

We visit your site or conduct an over the phone consultation to work out the best possible location before for your system then provide you with an obligation free quote.

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We install and check everything off.
You get comfortable.

Accept the quote, lock in an install date… enjoy.

It’s that easy!

People Talk

Four simple steps to saving on energy.

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Pick up the phone

… and call us.  We will evaluate your properties solar potential using advanced aerial imagery and discuss your current electricity costs.

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Relax and do nothing

ECL do the hard stuff. Our team tailor a system that’s right for you to maximise savings… and we take care of inspections, applications and paperwork.

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Keep relaxing.
We Install

Clean Energy Council accredited installers, designers and electricians will install your solar system, connect to the grid and check it.

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Now you can get Excited

Annoy your friends with stories of how much you’re saving… for the next 25 years or more. And listen to them whinge about rising power prices while you sit there with a grin on your ace.

Reverse-cycle Split System... or Ducted System?
Compare them here. Then talk to us. We've done it all before. Over and over:)

The best way to choose the right option is to talk to us about what you want to achieve. Business or Residential? Custom or Pre-package? We’ll help you decide on the most appropriate solution. You don’t need to be experts. That’s our job.


Don’t stress? Just call us. We know what questions to ask. Just give us a call and we’ll make it easy. We know what we need to know. We’ll ask the right questions. No need for you to do any of homework before we talk.


Once we’ve had a chat, we’ll suggest the best options for you particular circumstances. And our experienced consultants will work with you to design a system right for your home. We’re here to provide help, support, and the best solutions for your energy consumption needs.

Take a look at your options. Then we'll talk about how to work out the most suitable option for your particular application, budget and other considerations. We're here to help.

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The benefits of Split System

A Split System reverse cycle air conditioner is a common choice for many house holds and businesses and ideal for one space; ie. a room or open plan area for a home or business space.


The split system can be used all year round for heating in the cooler months and cooling in the warmer months.

The good stuff.

More than 50% cheaper to run than electric in-slab heating.

Free heating and cooling 24 hours a day when teamed with a rooftop solar system and battery storage.

Can generate up to five times more energy than it consumes.

Cleaner and greener - uses ambient heat from the outside air.

Government rebates may be available.

Call ECL to find out if you might be eligible.


• Provides consistently comfortable     

   temperature all year round

• Saves you up to 65% in heating and
   cooling costs.

• Saves you even more when coupled to

   solar power.

• Reduces CO2 emissions from heating and

   cooling by around 60%

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When should you choose Ducted?

Well… it depends… on a lot of things, and that’s just one reason to get reliable advice. That’s what we do first. We help you choose the type of heating/cooling that’s best in your situation.


Once you’ve decided that a Ducted system is the way to go, Choosing the right kind of ducted heating is where our experience makes the difference.


Depending on your home and your preferences, you can choose Ducted Heating that gives you the benefit of generating warm air with Gas… or a Ducted Air Conditioning System, which may cost a little more but get the option of cooling as well as heating.


That’s when ECL Energy is there for you. Are we experts? Well, not in the true sense of the word, but we’re more experienced than most and we’ll point you in the right direction… then be there for you through every step of the installatioin… and then whenever you need us after that.

A checklist of reasons to choose Ducted

Consistent & reliable heating. ...

Zoning’ control

Environment friendlySafer for families

System longevity

Reduced Maintenance

Quickly, even heat

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