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Save Big on Solar Promotion

Are you a resident of Tasmania looking to harness the power of the sun? We have an exclusive offer just for you! Introducing our Save Big on Solar Promotion, designed to bring clean, renewable energy to your home at an affordable price.

What's Included:

6.64kW Solar System

- 16 x Trina Teir 1 high-performance solar panels to maximize energy production.

- 5kW Goodwe inverter for efficient energy conversion.

- Expert installation and essential components included for a seamless setup.

How to Secure the Promotion:

Act Fast! The promotion is valid only within the month of August 2023.

Request your free quote and site inspection by sending us a request in the contact us form. Eligible customers must pay a deposit during August 2023 to secure the promotional price.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to embrace sustainable energy and reduce your carbon footprint. With our Save Big on Solar Promotion, you can enjoy reliable, clean power for years to come. Take advantage of this limited-time offer and be part of the green energy revolution.

*Terms and conditions apply. Promotion valid from 1.8.2023 to 31.8.2023 for residents in Tasmania who own their homes. Offer available for roof solar systems only. Promotion includes 16 x Trina Solar Panels TRINATSM-DE09R.05-415, 1 x 5kW Goodwe Inverter GOOGW5000-DNS-30, and Balance of System and Installation. Promotion price excludes installations on tile roofs, two-story homes, tilt kits, split arrays, and permit/application fees where applicable. Customers must pay a deposit in August 2023 to secure the promotion. This promotion is subject to availability and may be subject to change.

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